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Cộng đồng người Việt hải ngoại chống đối thành phố Gaden Grove, California bán đất cho Sanghai Construction Group Co., LTD. Tàu cộng

Letter/Online Petition to Protest the Garden Grove City’s Plan of Selling Real Estate to Shanghai Construction Group Co., LTD, a Chinese Communist Party’s Company

250 have signed. Let’s get to 100,000 Goal!


E-mail góp chữ ký: gardengrove-littlesaigon-noscgchina-nosaez@truclamyentu.asia 

Tiếng Việt : http://www.truclamyentu.asia/anti-saez/thu-phan-doi-garden-grove-ban-hyatt-hotel-cho-scg-china.html  


To :

The Honorable Donald Trump, President of the United States,

Members of the United States Congress,

Honorable Steven R. Jones, Mayor of Garden Grove City,

Garden Grove City Council.

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Mr. Phat Bui, a Garden Grove City Councilman and the President of the Southern California Vietnamese National Community (for 2015-2018 Term), has orchestrated and eagerly encouraged Garden Grove City to adopt a resolution to sell the Hyatt Hotel’s real estate  and the Site C development within the boundary of Garden Grove City - to the Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

With this project, the Chinese Communist Party will set forth to break the ground for setting up a command center for their vicious business strategy right on the heart of  Little Saigon area, also known as “the Capital of the anti-Communist Vietnamese outside Vietnam,”  in particular, and the State of California in general. Essentially, this command post will exercise the Spying Scenarios which will control all their covert activities to infiltrate, corrupt, undermine the stability of the largest Vietnamese American community, let alone to sabotage the prosperity of the entire Garden Grove constituents as well.

Please note that SCG is owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party.  It is NOT the private company as Bui Phat has often mentioned.  Besides, the Vietnamese American community was caught with total surprise regarding the Mr. Phat Bui’s intention of selling the Hyatt Hotel’s real estate to SCG of the Chinese Communist party.

Attorney Dina Nguyen has written to Hon. Steve Jones to protest what Mr. Bui Phat has encouraged Garden Grove officials to come to Shanghai to sign off the sell-off deal.  Some members of the Vietnamese Southern Vietnamese community have also written letters to oppose this dangerous business deal with the Chinese Communist Party in Garden Grove.

Dear Sirs and Madams,

When, for your information, SCG once completes its construction and set up the foundation for its work plan, it will push/dislocate the entire Vietnamese American community from Garden Grove and surrounding areas by increasing Mobil home and housing rents, probably three folds. The Chinese business will gradually place/transfer their Chinese nationals to Garden Grove’s ground, and this plan will spread throughout the neighboring cities as well over time.  This situation already occurred in several cities, Vancouver Canada for instances.  It is NOT a guesswork.

Therefore, we urge the President of the United States, Members of the United States Congress, the Garden Grove Mayor and the City Council to withdraw the said sale intention of the Hyatt Hotel’s real estate and the sales of any real estate to the Chinese Communist Party.  It is truly our shooting on our foot.

As for the Vietnamese American Community:

Please simply send an e-mail or mail to us saying “Yes.  We oppose the selling of Garden Grove’s real estate to the SGP”; Do not forget to write down the name of the city of your residence.

In particular, we strongly urge Vietnamese-American residents in Garden Grove to sign up for this mass protest e-letter immediately.  It is a vital issue.  Do not wait any longer.

Besides, the Vietnamese community overseas utterly opposed the 99-year Lease of the so-called “Special-Area-Economic-Zones” (SAEZ) of Van Don, Van Phong and Phu Quoc to the ChiCom (Chinese Communists) - By the way, as of June 09, 2018, 18670 people already signed on the site “change.org” for this protest.  Therefore, there is absolutely no reason why the Vietnamese did not react to the fact that Bui Phat’s and Garden Grove’s plan to sell the hotel, land to the tricky Chinese in the form of investment.

For the economic, political and social security of the Vietnamese-American community, the American as well - the future of your own family and the future generations to come, together helping the movement not to let this insane business of SCG and the Chinese Communists to take over our community, our country.

Truc Lam Viet Quoc (EN version by VGT)
- The Vietnamese Historical Association
June 09, 2018

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3/ Link to the information of Garden Grone plan to sell Hyatt Hotel to SCG – https://voiceofoc.org/2016/10/garden-grove-officials-traveling-to-china-in-effort-to-boost-tourism-development/; http://www.capoliticalreview.com/capoliticalnewsandviews/communist-chinese-firm-to-be-subsidized-by-garden-grove-city-council/ ; https://www.ci.garden-grove.ca.us/node/7422; http://voiceofoc.org/2016/10/g arden-grove-officials-travelin g-to-china-in-effort-to-boost- tourism-development/

4/ Sanghai Construction Group info: – http://cscgoversea.com/english/02a_detail.asp?NewsId=690; https://www.mingtiandi.com/real-estate/outbound-investment/shanghai-construction-group-buys-orange-county-hyatt-for-137m/  


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